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The ACE Exam

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Examination to become an AFNI Certified Expert (first step on the road to glory)

Not yet completed
  1. Explain the difference between 'Min-to-Max' and '2%-to-98%' in the AFNI image viewer. Why is 2%-to-98% the default?
  2. What does the 'R' key do when typed into an AFNI image viewer window? What about in a graph viewer window?
  3. On some systems, it is possible to drag an image viewer window so that its aspect ratio (height/width) is not preserved; in this situation, the image becomes distorted. Describe at least 2 ways to bring the image viewer quickly back into the correct aspect ratio.
  4. What does the 'Project' menu button do in the AFNI image viewer Disp control panel?
  5. When you have 2 (or more) AFNI controllers open, can you lock their threshold sliders so that they move together? If so, how?
  6. In an AFNI graph viewer window, how can you get a display of the time series that is the average of all the sub-graphs currently being shown?
  7. Suppose you are showing a time series graph of a very long 3D+time dataset, and want to only see the points between time indexes 200..400 displayed in the graphs. How can you do this?
  8. Explain the 3 different baseline modes available in an AFNI graph viewer.
  9. On most systems, the AFNI interface shows the cursor as an arrow pointing to the upper left, but this arrow changes shape and color slightly when you move it over certain controls. What does this cursor shape change mean?
  10. Given a list of coordinates, describe one way to create an AFNI dataset that equals 1 at each point inside a sphere of radius 5 about each coordinate in the list, and equals zero at all other points.
  11. Explain why it is better to use the 3dcopy program to make a copy of an AFNI dataset (.HEAD and .BRIK files) rather than use the Unix 'cp' command twice.
  12. How do you get AFNI '3d' programs to treat a .1D file with a single column of numbers as a 1-voxel 3D+time dataset?
  13. How do you get AFNI to automatically compress output .BRIK files with gzip?
Created by Robert Cox
Last modified 2005-12-13 13:50

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