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The JAM Exam

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Examination to become a Jedi AFNI Master (the next step above ACE).

Not completed yet
  1. What does the command below do?
        afni -dset "v1+orig<`3dClipLevel 'v1+orig[4]'`..10000>"
    Explain the use of the 3 different kinds of quotes.
  2. Suppose you have two 1-brick datasets aaa+orig and bbb+orig, and want to extract from a 3D+time dataset xxx+orig the average time series over all voxel where BOTH aaa+orig and bbb+orig are bigger than 3 (i.e., a conjunction test). Explain how to do this in a single command.
  3. The 'Rota' arrow buttons on the 'Define Overlay' control panel rotate the color bar. How can you save a movie (animated GIF or MPEG-1) of the changes that happen in an AFNI image viewer as the color overlay changes while you interactively press one of the Rota buttons?
  4. In an AFNI image viewer, you can both crop and zoom an image. What happens when you 'Save' such an image to disk (e.g., in a JPEG file)? Is it cropped, zoomed, both, or neither?
  5. In an AFNI graph viewer, you can filter the time series in each voxel using the 'Tran 1D' transformation functions. One of these pre-programmed filters is a "Median-of-3" filter. How can you do a "Median-of-7" filter instead? (Without writing new C code.)
  6. How can you make the color overlay be computed from the square root of an F-statistic sub-brick, rather than the F-statistic value itself? (Interactively; that is, without using 3dcalc.)

The following questions are only for those who will be turning to the Dark Side of the AFNI (i.e., Sith Program Masters):
  1. If you sneak into someone's account and create a file in their home directory named .afni.startup_script whose content is one line of text reading
        TRACE YES
    what will the effect be on their ability to use AFNI?
  2. What is special about the date 7 September in the AFNI interface?
  3. How can you make the AFNI .HEAD file be stored in an XML format? (Bonus: Why be so evil?)
Created by Robert Cox
Last modified 2007-12-13 09:08

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