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Frequently Asked Questions


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  1. What do I do if I run out of colors?
  2. How can I see the numerical value stored in a voxel?
  3. I want to input some 8 bit images. How?
  4. What functions are used in program waver?
  5. Are there any man pages for AFNI programs?
  6. Show me the Anterior and Posterior commissures!
  7. The grayscale image display of my dataset doesn't seem right.
  8. How do I control the overlay colors?
  9. How do I get a list of Talairach coordinates?
  10. So how do the clustering paramerters "rmm" and "vmul" work?
  11. I wrote a plugin that worked, so why does it fail when I download a new version of AFNI?
  12. How do I make a GIF animation?
  13. Can I resample to a non-cubical grid using AFNI?
  14. How would you configure a Linux system for AFNI?
  15. How can I do Region-of-Interest (ROI) analyses?
  16. What are the angles reported from 3dvolreg?
  17. What are "Arg list too long" messages?
  18. How can I avoid running out of memory in to3d?
  19. How can I avoid having AFNI convert the symbolic links in my session directory names?
  20. What does the "Intensity" computed by FIM mean?
  21. How can I count the number of voxels above threshold in a functional dataset?
  22. How can I more easily control the initial colors in the functional overlays?
  23. How can I "upsample" an image to higher resolution?
  24. What is the format of a .BRIK file?
  25. What is the format of a .HEAD file?
  26. What are the FIM+ sub-bricks?
  27. I duplicated a plugin and then edited it, but can't get both it and the original to work at once!
  28. I installed the AFNI package, but when I try to run a program, I get a 'not found' message!
  29. When trying to compile AFNI, I get messages like "Xm/Xmall.h not found"!
  30. If i change a timeseries file, why doesn't Rescan *.1D re-read it?
  31. Can you supply me with the images from the Talairach-Tournoux Atlas?
  32. How can I use the volume renderer to deal with arbitrary datasets?
  33. How can I turn off the "Splash" window that AFNI starts with?
  34. How can I suppress the spuriously large % Change values from FIM+?
  35. Is there a faster way to average datasets than using 3dcalc?
  36. After 3dmerge, I don't have any threshold data?
  37. How can I do a t-test on time series data?
  38. What are some known problems with the AFNI package?
  39. Do you offer a course on using the AFNI package?
  40. How does the Range setting interact with the color pbar scale?
  41. Why are my 3D+time datasets so huge when I resample them to Talairach coordinates?
  42. How can I get an image from AFNI into a paint/drawing program?
  43. What good is the "Anatomy Parent" in to3d?
  44. Are the Talairach coordinates from AFNI the same as from SPM?
  45. How many sites use AFNI?
  46. How can I mask off "function" outside the brain?
  47. How can I add my own function to the FIM+ menu?
  48. How can I read ASCII image files into to3d?
  49. What is "Warp on Demand"?
  50. How can I use scripts to change datasets in the volume rendering plugin?
  51. How can I figure out the format an image file is in?
  52. How can I compare 'small' and 'big' Talairach box datasets?
  53. How can I do SPM-like analyses with AFNI?
  54. I'm losing data when I use the "Nudge" plugin on functional datasets!?
  55. How do I register data from the same subject taken on different days?
  56. How can I edit the History Note in a dataset?
  57. Can I use AFNI or its code at my company?
  58. what is Resampling?
  59. How can I normalize the sub-bricks in a 3D+time dataset?
  60. How can I extract a voxel timeseries to a text file?
  61. After 3dZeropad-ing, where are the Talairach markers?
  62. How can I take a mask from +tlrc/+acpc back to +orig?
  63. How can I remove a subject's name from an image file?
  64. How to Render a Slanted Slab?
  65. What is the format of the TTatlas+tlrc dataset?
  66. Can I send you some data?
  67. What are your pet peeves about FMRI?
Created by Alex Clark
Last modified 2005-07-30 10:26

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