This analysis method is effective but antiquated.

For an example of the current processing style, consider reviewing the handout for the "Soup to Nuts" bootcamp class:
AFNI class: Start to Finish

HowTo 02 : DDmb

background : the experiment - overview of the experiment, data and analysis
running the script - suggestions for learning from the script

the script : @DDmb_analyze - the Unix shell script
webified script - the Unix shell script with web links to explanations

main help pages : AFNI_howto - explanation of the shell script from an AFNI perspective
Unix help - explanation of the shell script from a Unix perspective

download : ht02_html.tgz - download script and html pages
ht02_full.tgz - download everything (includes data : 75 Megabytes)

              This HowTo is based on the paper:

              Beauchamp, M.S., Lee, K.E., Haxby, J.V., & Martin, A. (2002).
                  Parallel visual motion processing streams for manipulable
                  objects and human movements.  Neuron, 34:149-159.