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News Archive AFNI Update
Changes to 3dTstat, 3dhistog, 3dROIstats and removal of Linux GLIBC22 binaries.
News Archive AFNI version update
The latest release of AFNI is available now. Changes include - thresholding of RGB datasets used as overlays - you can change the titlebar label for a dataset, using the 'label2' field in the .HEAD file (set by 3drefit -label2) and setting the environment variable AFNI_TITLE_LABEL2 to YES
News Archive Talairach Surfaces in SUMA
We have a new set of surfaces in Talairach space. These surfaces can be used to display Talairach volumetric data on surface models without having to create them. The previous version of the Talairach surfaces had the left/right sides incorrectly labeled. If you have used the mislabeled surfaces, that is not a matter of great concern since the data is in Talairach space. However, you should start using the corrected version.
News Archive Source Code and (some) Binaries Updated
A problem with choosing "Weighted-Average" in the maxima plugin is being addressed.
News Archive New AFNI - version 2.56b
News Archive New AFNI - version 2.56a
New version of AFNI released -- version 2.56a -- 11 Feb 2004.
News Archive Video Demos
Bob Cox has created some AFNI Video Demos to demonstrate various AFNI features.
News Archive New Release: 3dTagalign fixed.
A new release of AFNI that fixes a problem with 3dTagalign is now available.
News Archive New release/compilation of AFNI
This is Version 2.56e of 07 Sep 2004...
News Archive URGENT NOTICE: 3dDeconvolve and Linux
Last night we discovered a problem with the new 3dDeconvolve on Linux...
News Archive G5 Binaries Available
Binaries compiled especially for the Apple Mac G5 systems are also available now...
News Archive 3dDeconvolve upgrades: documented!
A new Web page documents (tersely) the recent changes to 3dDeconvolve...
News Archive New AFNI Binaries Posted
SUMA upgrades, Latest edition of 3dDeconvolve.
News Archive Announcement Listserv
Sign up for this listserv to receive announcements about AFNI events, class schedules, etc.
News Archive How-to #5 Revisions
News Archive Tutorial: Single Subject Analysis
A detailed tutorial covering the Start to Finish class.

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