level 3 and higher

The levels of importance go from 1 to 5, with meanings:
       1 - users would not care
       2 - of little importance, though some users might care
       3 - fairly important
       4 - a big change or new program
       5 - IMPORTANT: we expect users to know

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---- log of AFNI updates (most recent first) ---- 20 Jul 2021, RW Cox, NIML library, level 3 (MAJOR), type 4 (BUG_FIX) NIML file: input failed if file over 2BG in size Due to storing filesize in int/long. Fix was to make it stored in int64_t, and fixing a few other places.
24 May 2021, P Taylor, @animal_warper, level 3 (MAJOR), type 0 (GENERAL) Several small updates for convenience and organization: help updated... more QC images; split intermediate text desc; new cmd_log.
17 May 2021, DR Glen, lesion_align, level 3 (MAJOR), type 1 (NEW_PROG) Alignment for data with large lesions Developed for hemispherectomy and lobectomy data. May be applicable to stroke and smaller lesion data too
06 Apr 2021, RC Reynolds, ap_run_simple_rest.tcsh, level 3 (MAJOR), type 1 (NEW_PROG) run a quick resting state analysis for QC
24 Mar 2021, P Taylor, 3dBrickStat, level 3 (MAJOR), type 4 (BUG_FIX) Fix bug: having non-full-FOV mask + perc calcs affected other calcs. Calcs should now be consistent even with those opts used. Thanks, RCR.

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