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Blurring to a Given Smoothness Blurring to a Given Smoothness

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Submitted by bpittman. on 2005-12-29 13:18.
Lee Friedman suggested that EPI images should be smoothed to a given smoothness prior to time series analysis.

Tom Nichols believes that the smoothness should be measured locally, not globally. So my idea is to use the method of the previous post, with the mask from 3dAutomask, to

  • incrementally blur a little
  • test the smoothness in each region
  • go back and continue blurring where the image isn't smooth enough yet
Details need to be worked out.

blurring to given smoothness

Posted by dglen at 2006-02-13 16:05
One could use 3danisosmooth also a regional mask at a time. For each mask, check the smoothness and iterate further until done. This could be an extension to 3danisosmooth or done separately in a script. After all regions are done, they could be cobbled back together with a possible final smoothing to smooth out boundaries among regions.
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