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  • The AFNI Message Board is a message posting/reading service for users of AFNI. It is intended to function as a question asking/answering and idea exchange center for issues related to AFNI.
  • At the sole discretion of the administrator of this system, off-topic messages will be expunged.
  • Please note that after you post a message and then come back to this page, you may have to press your browser's "Reload/Refresh" button to see the title of your new message here. This is because your browser may be showing you an old cached copy of this page, rather than re-fetching it from this server. Do not re-post your message again if you don't see it, until you have tried Reload/Refresh!
Only a complete outsider could ask your question.... Errors do not occur and even when an error does in fact occur, as in your case, who can say conclusively that it is an error?
-- Franz Kafka, The Castle

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