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Suggested reading for beginners
Read First Install AFNI
Installing the AFNI software package has a few basic steps, most of which can be accomplished in many different ways. The basic steps are as follows: Step 1: get the set of programs Step 2: put the programs in a useful directory Step 3: update the PATH to include that directory Step 4: get some data to look at
Read First README.environment
The AFNI program allows you to use several Unix environment variables to influence its behavior. The mechanics of setting an environment variable depend on which shell you are using.
Read First AFNI Startup Manual
A brief startup manual for AFNI (but you really need to read the manuals, too).
Read First The AFNI TTatlas+tlrc Dataset
The dataset that provides the Talairach Daemon database for AFNI is stored in a dataset named TTatlas+tlrc. This dataset has 2 byte-valued sub-bricks at 1 mm resolution (please note that it is stored at the "small Talairach brick" size). Sub-brick #0 contains the "gyral" information; sub-brick #1 contains the "area" information. (These corresponded to database "levels" 3 and 5 in the original database from San Antonio. The other levels were at a much cruder level, and have been discarded in AFNI.) The purpose of this Web page is to describe the format of the TTatlas+tlrc dataset and some files extracted from it.

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