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The AFNI TTatlas+tlrc Dataset

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The dataset that provides the Talairach Daemon database for AFNI is stored in a dataset named TTatlas+tlrc. This dataset has 2 byte-valued sub-bricks at 1 mm resolution (please note that it is stored at the "small Talairach brick" size). Sub-brick #0 contains the "gyral" information; sub-brick #1 contains the "area" information. (These corresponded to database "levels" 3 and 5 in the original database from San Antonio. The other levels were at a much cruder level, and have been discarded in AFNI.) The purpose of this Web page is to describe the format of the TTatlas+tlrc dataset and some files extracted from it.

The link address is: /afni/doc/misc/afni_ttatlas/

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