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This page explains the various search options available.

Site Search

This is the most basic search option available but may yield limited results. You should try this first and move on to the other search options if you haven't found what you are looking for. You can use wildcards (e.g. 3dD*). This search yields the same results as the search form in the upper right hand corner.

Google Search

You can use Google to do an AFNI-site-specific search by using the search term The form below does this for you. Try this when a normal search fails.


Message Board Search

Use this form to search the current message board. If you want to search the old message board use the google search form (above) with the search term afniboard (e.g. afniboard mysearchterm)

Author    Subject    Message Bodies (slower)   

Source Code Search

Developers can search the source code here.

Search for in function and class
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