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Download the Matlab script

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Steps to download, install and run the Matlab script

(0) If you have the most recent version of the AFNI package, you should have had the Matlab package available on your machine, and you can ignore the rest of the steps on this page. It should be under directory 'matlab' of the AFNI source code direactory 'src'. Once you set up the path for Matlab, you can start to run GroupAna in Matlab.

(1) Create a directory (e.g., matlabscript), and get the package (updated June 22, 2005) from the following link:

Matlab package for individual subject and group analyses

Or get it with the following command line:

(if wget has been installed on your machine)

(2) Unpack the tar'ed files with the following command:

tar xvzf afni_matlab.tgz

which will create a new directory "afni_matlab/matlab" with all the files in it.

(3) If you downloaded the recent versions of AFNI, you might have this Matlab package already somewhere under your AFNI directory. You can verify this by logging into Matlab, and type

which GroupAna (or which IndiAna)

If it shows the file GroupAna.m (or IndiAna.m) as the one under your AFNI directory, you should move all those Matlab files under directory "afni_matlab_dist" over and replace those under your AFNI directory.

The important message here is that you should NOT keep more than one version of the Matlab files, otherwise it would be uncertain which version of the group analysis package is being used.

If the above command points to the files in the directory that was just created, go to the next step.

(4) Set the matlab path appropriately. Each time when you run Matlab, type inside Matlab:

path(path, 'YourMatlabScriptDirectory');

Or more conveniently,

for csh or tcsh users, add the above directory to the MATLABPATH environment variable. If you don't know how to do this, ask somebody such as your system administrator for help.

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