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Compiling DTI-Query

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How to build DTI-Query for various platforms

DTI-Query relies upon several libraries to work. These in turn may require several more libraries. Although package management tools like yum, apt-get, fink and darwin ports (MacPorts) can make installation of these libraries easier, in many cases, you may find the versions available from these sources are not up-to-date enough to allow DTI-Query to build properly.

Libraries required:

VTK, wxWidgets, RAPID, TNT, JAMA and NIFTI

The last three libraries (TNT, JAMA and NIFTI) are included as source code in the distribution with the DTI-Query source code.

Other libraries required by the above libraries can include cmake, gcc (3.4 or higher), gtk2, zlib. The requirements depend upon the platform and the required user interface type. Many platforms already have some or all of these installed.

Use these links to get source distributions:




An e-mail request to the authors is required to download the RAPID library source code.

wxWidgets requires different flags depending upon the platform.

On a Mac,

   wxpath/configure --with-mac --with-opengl --disable-shared --prefix wxlibspath

On Linux systems,

  wxpath/configure --with-gtk --with-opengl --disable-shared --prefix wxlibspath

Then do


  make install (or sudo make install if selecting a system path for all users)

Similarly, for VTK, use cmake -i and use Carbon for Macs and X11 for Linux systems. Follow that with "make" and then "make install"

Update the Makefile.definitions in the DTI-Query source code for the platform type (mac, linux or cygwin) and for the paths where VTK and wxWidgets are installed.

To compile, just run "make" in the DTI-Query directory. Each of the subdirectories will be "made" in turn. The precompute binaries for dtiprecompute_cmd and dtiprecompute_gui are saved in the precompute directory. The dtiquery program is saved in the DTIQuery directory. For Macs, a .app directory structure is also built allowing DTI-Query to run as a native Mac application.

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Last modified 2007-03-09 14:13

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